Course Requirements

 Textbook: Xingliang Zhang. 2002. Lecture notes for Geobiology, interface between biosphere and geosphere. Unpublished material at Department of Geology, Northwest University. Expanded material include: ①Geobiology: Objectives, Concepts, Perspectives(Elsevier 2005,edited by N.Noffke in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 219);②Introduction to Geomicrobiology (by K. Konhauser, Blackwell 2007); ③Aquatic Geomicrobiology (edited by Canfield et al., Elsevier 2005); ④Biogeochemistry (edited by W.H. Schlesinger, Elsevier 2005);⑤生物地质学(殷鸿福等编,湖北科技出版社,2005).
 Class Web Pages: Web pages will be maintained for faculty and students. Students have access to browse syllabus and download course wares. Our web page also provides links to other web sites on geobiological journals and institutions. Students may ask an instructor through “question and answer online” on the web page. Online Glossary, Chapter summary, Chapter quizzes, Further reading, Reference download and Geobiology forum, are now in underconstruction.