Teaching and learning plan

              Topics and time distribution

36 class hours in total, 32 class hours of instruction and 4 class hours of Seminar
Instructions (32 class hours): topics and time distribution

  1. Biological diversity: A geobiological view (6 class hours)
  2. Fossil and recent biofilms and biomats (4 class hours)
  3. Environment as a system and biogeochemical cycles (4 class hours)
  4. Biomineralization and organomineralization (4 class hours)
  5. Biogenic sedimentation (4 class hours)
  6. Bioerosion, biological weathering, biocorrosion, and soil formation (4 class hours)
  7. Synergic evolution of geosphere and biosphere (6 class hours)

Seminar (4 class hours)
Students of our class will be divided into four groups to prepare their oral presentation (PPT is always appreciated). The topic of the presentation depends on each group¨s interest. Student oral presentations will begin in the mid-term of the course duration when students have some knowledge on Geobiology, and continue each class period until all groups have presented their results. Team project presentations are a common method for communicating in business and science, and we want you to develop team building and communication skills. The goal of the project is to 1) foster communication between students, 2) improve your oral presentation skills, and 3) teach you to prepare a scientific report.