Final exam and Grading


  Written test should be finished 2 hours including 5 parts. Open to textbooks, dictionary and any other material. Questions and answers are in English.
Final Exam: The final exam tests students’ knowledge of Geobiology. At the end of this course, the exam will be given as five-part test paper, which includes:
Completing abbreviations (8 points): Students are required to write down the complete English names of eight scientific abbreviations relevant to Geobiology.
Interpretation (20 points): In this section there are ten basic conceptions that are fundamental for the cross discipline Geobiology. Students are required to briefly interpret them in English.
True or False (22 points): In this part there are 22 statements followed by a bracket, each of which may be true or may be false. Students are required to mark a “√” in the bracket if the statement is true and mark a “×” if the statement is false.
Multiple-choice questions (40 points): In this section, there are 20 questions or incomplete sentences, each followed by three or more choices marked A), B), C)….  Please read questions or sentences carefully and decide which is the best answer or best complete the sentence, then mark the corresponding letter with a circle.
Question and answer (10 points): Students are required to develop paragraphs on a geobiological phenomenon and answering a geobiological question.
Students are required to complete the exam within two hours in English (NOT IN CHINESE), but open to textbooks, dictionary and any other reference material. The final exam will count 70% of the grade.
Grades: Grades will be based on the final exam (70%), the group PowerPoint project presentation (30%).